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Know-How for Agencies

Keep your clients ahead of the game, by using our expertise behind the scenes.

For a digital, marketing and web development agency, the sheer pace of change in search and online marketing can be a real challenge.

Keeping on top of the technical side – and what it actually means for marketing – is a full-time job in itself… and we know, because that’s what we do. The good news is: you don’t have to.

Niddocks Know-How for Agencies gives you instant, unlimited access to our experience and knowledge base.
For a simple, monthly fee, we’ll be your secret weapon:

  • Fast, authoritative answers from leading online marketing experts, to as many questions as you like
  • Comprehensive knowledge bank from technical documentation to step-by-step videos and how-to guides
  • Regular webinars explaining new features and emerging best practice

Always updated with the latest changes, insights and observations from live campaigns

Know-How lets you add new services and revenue, keep up with best practice and insure yourself against awkward questions from clients about Analytics, pay-per-click, search retargeting, Google Shopping.. and a host of other subjects. It’s like having our experts on your team.

Try us for 30 days, absolutely free.

We’re confident you’ll find Know-How really valuable, so feel free to use the service for a month, on us.

After that, there’s no minimum contract – just a simple, monthly subscription of £100 + VAT.

To access your free 1 month trial, email with your Google+ account email address and we’ll welcome you onto our platform and the Know-How community.