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Advertising on Bing & Yahoo
with Bing Ads

Advertising on Bing and Yahoo is accomplished via Bing Ads.

The Bing Ads platform works on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis. Campaigns can be set up and targeted to countries all around the world.

We find that this platform is relatively un-tapped and often can be cheaper (on a cost per click basis) than other platforms.

Most businesses that use Bing Ads run it alongside other PPC campaigns such as Google AdWords and find that the two compliment each other well. Although Bing receives fewer search queries than Google, we still find that it is a great source of new business and it appears to be a growing source of traffic to a variety of websites.

It is possible to import your account structure from Google AdWords too, which makes setup a much more straightforward process, although some tweaking will be required and we still recommend that you apply a similar approach to campaign management to that of managing any other PPC platform.

We can setup, manage, maintain and modify your Bing Ads campaign for you to help you take advantage of this source of traffic .

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