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Google Merchant Center

Many e-retailers are not aware of this fantastic service from Google which can bring thousands of pounds worth of additional revenue and really boost an ecommerce site turnover.

Google Merchant Center is the system that powers the shopping results that you’re probably familiar with when you do a search in Google for a product.

Millions of searchers find the shopping results useful and as a result, they click on the results that take them directly to the product that they want.

We take a structured approach to Google Merchant Center, initially we set up a pilot product feed to send all product details up to Google manually, once we have proven that it works for the site in question, we then work with the site’s web developer to produce an automated and optimised feed to make sure that the site receives as many sales as possible from this.

The requirements for Google Merchant Center change frequently as Google work to improve the quality of this system, we keep on top of this on behalf of our clients and advise them when changes are required.

Whether you have an online shop already or are thinking about launching one, speak to us now about how we can help you start getting sales quickly from Google Shopping Campaigns

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