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Website/SEO Audits

What is an Website/SEO Audit?
There are many free tools available for you to do a DIY review of your website but most of these are automated tools and many don’t offer concise recommendations on how to improve your website structurally. Our unique approach is to manually create a website report/audit with recommendations on how to improve the structure of your website. The recommendations are the most important part as most tools won’t tell you how to actually improve the structure of your website. Our SEO experts have many years of technical knowledge and truly understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We’re also Google Analytics Certified Partners and know Google Tag Manager inside out.  We not only provide a comprehensive report of recommended tasks that your web developer can implement we also take time to discuss with you why the changes need making in a non geeky way! After all, 99% of our clients are normal people that need to have things explained in a normal language.

Why do I need this?
This simple, if you don’t have an audit – you could be losing out on valuable traffic to your website, there could be something structurally wrong with your website or it could be just a number of small things that need changing that are having a negative impact on your organic rankings.

How much will it cost?
Typically between £450 + VAT to £850 + VAT (depending on the complexity of and type of website. We can have a look for you and give you a quotation first free of charge.

What will you need from me to do this audit?
We’ll need to see your Google Analytics account and have access to your Google account and Content Management System so we can assess all that is needed to provide you with a quotation and then the report if you wish to proceed.

Will there be additional or ongoing costs?
The only other costs you will need to consider are any changes we recommend for your web developer or a copywriter to implement.  This can vary massively depending on what we find.
You may also like to have an annual audit especially if you see your organic rankings slipping then its time to take action and have another report completed. Google change their ranking signals frequently so once an audit has been completed and the changes have been made this does not mean your website will be structurally sound forever.

Will you audit any website?
Any website that has been subject to spammy unethical link building in the past means no amount of changes you make to your website will improve your rankings. Google heavily penalise any website/business that has been involved in unethical link building whether intentional or not. We will be able to advise you if this is the case before providing a quotation, it is our policy not to offer advice to websites that have been subject to this type of work previously.

Although there are absolutely no guarantees (nobody can offer you a guarantee of results!) – Once all the changes have been implemented by your web developer, you can usually see your organic rankings increase within a couple of months.

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