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Google Analytics Training

This unique two day programme covers the following areas in detail utilising Best Practice as outlined by Google and the in-depth experience of the practitioner delivering the session. The programme is backed up with comprehensive support material written specifically for the delegates to promote self learning and encourages delegates to go on to become Google Analytics Qualified Individuals and utilise the knowledge gained to evolve their websites using Google Analytics if they wish to do so.

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Google Analytics
    • Enabling your account for Google Analytics
    • Account setup and integration with your website
    • Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics
    • Goal Setup and Transaction tracking
    • Goal Funnel configuration
    • Advanced Profile filtering
    • User access control
    • Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics
    • Tracking external traffic
    • Cross domain tracking
    • Improving data quality
  • Understanding and interpreting Google Analytics reports
    • Audience analysis
    • Behaviour analysis
    • Using In-Page Analytics
    • Inbound traffic analysis
    • Key phrase analysis
    • Configuring your dashboard
    • Using date comparison
    • Using Dimensions
    • Performance comparison
    • Custom Alerts
    • Real-Time
  •  Advanced Analysis
    • Understanding cookies
    • Advanced Segmentation
    • Customised Reporting
    • Internal Site Search
    • Goal analysis & verification
    • Funnel Visualisation
    • Event tracking
    • Virtual Pageviews
    • Revenue metrics & transaction tracking
    • Conversion rate optimisation
    • Multi-Channel Funnels
    • Pivot tables
    • Exporting data
    • Using regular expressions to filter reports
    • Scheduling reports
    • Tracking “non Google” Campaigns
    • Google Tag Manager Setup and configuration
    • Universal Analytics
    • The Measurement Protocol
    • Dimension Widening
    • Importing Data
    • Remarketing Lists
    • Content Grouping
    • Channel Grouping
    • Attribution Models

The programme is delivered by Rob Edlin of Niddocks Online Marketing

Rob is a Google AdWords Qualified Professional and a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

Niddocks is a Google Analytics Certified Partner

Google Analytics Certified Partner

This programme is suitable for delegates that have an understanding of advertising with Google and wish to improve their understanding of Google Analytics and how it can be used to improve traffic volumes, quality and conversions.

This programme can be delivered in-house or at a venue of your choice.  We can also deliver elements of this course separately if required.

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