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Google Adwords Course 1

Niddocks is running Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising courses at a number of locations for people who want more from their spend with Google.

Pay per Click advertising can be one of the most effective forms of advertising. But without careful set up, ongoing testing and analysis it is very easy to waste money.

This one day training course will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and deliver impressive results.

How you’ll benefit
The course will give you a step by step approach to building a cost effective Google AdWords Campaign – The way professionals do!

We limit the number of places on this course to 10 people only.

The next courses available are:-
More dates coming soon

Topics covered include:-

  • Pay per Click Advertising Introduction
    The difference between natural and paid listings.
    Pay per Click Advertising – What it is? How Much It’s worth?
    Advertising on mobile devices 
  • Identifying Key Phrases
    3 sources – Internal data, Competitors data and Online Keyword Research Tools. 
    Why choosing the correct keywords is vital to success.
  • Competitive Research
    How many people are advertising? 
    How much are they paying? 
    What are they saying in their ads? 
    Are the ads any good?
  • Planning and Structuring Google AdWords Campaigns
    The importance of setting up Campaigns and AdGroups correctly. 
    How to ensure your campaign is cost effective. 
    Planning mobile advertising campaigns
  • Setting Bid Prices and Ongoing Management
    Setting bidding strategies and tips for optimum Return On Investment (ROI). 
    Remove and Refocus Strategy.
  • Writing to Attract Clicks
    How to write AdWords Ads to increase Click Through Rate (CTR).
    How to test A/B splits of ads and Landing Pages. How to use testing to improve Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Tracking + Monitoring
    How to set up tracking and reporting. How to review stats to continually improve ROI.

You will go back to your organisation with some great techniques and tips for the management and optimisation of your Google AdWords campaign.

This course is presented by a Google Partner.

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